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Aretera Alpha One Gray Driver Shaft + Tip & Grip


Weight: 65
Flex: 4 (Stiff)


Revolutionizing Golf Technology: Introducing the ARETERA Alpha One Series Gray

ARETERA is excited to unveil the Alpha One Series, our groundbreaking and performance driven golf shaft debut. This launch represents a major leap in golf technology, showcasing our innovative approach to shaft design. The Alpha One Series offers golfers unprecedented stability, exceptional feel, and unmatched power through the use of ultra premium and exotic materials in ways never done before. 

Innovation at the Forefront: POWERGRID™ Technology

ARETERA is thrilled to announce a significant innovation in golf shaft technology – the POWERGRID™. Not just an evolution; POWERGRID is a revolution in the use of ultra-thin, ultra-light, high-modulus, spread tow carbon fabrics. These materials, novel in their application at this level, offer extraordinary structural benefits compared to traditional unidirectional composites. In the Alpha One Series, all material plies responsible for resisting twist in the full length of the shaft are composed of these exotic fabrics which account for more than 50% of the shafts total weight and are aligned, interlocked and woven together in a tight and uniform pattern that helps to distribute forces efficiently in multiple directions across the shafts length, enhancing stiffness and creating an elevated, integrated feel.

Additionally, POWERGRID is visible in the tip section outer layer of the shaft providing incremental torsional stability where it’s needed most.

Alpha One Series Key Features

  • The structural interlocking of the POWERGRID weave distributes forces more evenly and stores more energy compared to common, unidirectional carbon fiber
  • Uniquely employs high modulus, spread tow carbon fabric throughout the entire bias core of the shaft providing an unparalleled feeling of connectivity & stability
  • Provides a more integrated feel that enhances the energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball
  • Offers optimal stability without compromising feel or performance
  • The stability offered by POWERGRID technology allows design space for more forgiveness in torsional stiffness in the butt and middle sections of the shaft, enhancing feel without sacrificing stability
  • Blue and Gray Model family designed to simplify the fitting process by introducing only one changing variable: Tip stiffness
  • Alpha One Gray has a tip stiffness nearly 10% greater than Alpha One Blue while keeping all other variables relatively constant

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque (deg)
65 4 (Stiff) 69 3.6
65 5 (Extra Stiff) 69 3.4
75 4 (Stiff) 78 3.6
75 5 (Extra Stiff) 78 3.4


Raw Length 46" - Tip Diameter 0.335" - Tip Parallel Length - Butt Diameter 0.600".

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